Why Lecco

From the mountain to the lake, from the monuments to Manzoni’s itineraries, from the woods to the museums, Lecco has everything; walking through the streets, surrounded by the breath-taking landscapes that characterise the region, you can breathe culture, literature and history.

Lecco holds different souls: the natural one, coupled with the ambient protection, the literary one, connected to Manzoni’s settings, the cultural one, with the many museums in the city; the historical, medieval one of the fortified village became a city; and the economical one, linked to the centuries-old industrial tradition, which earned the city the name “City of iron”.

The territory of Lecco is furnished with natural peculiarities which make it the ideal setting for many activities impossible elsewhere; This makes Lecco a lively city for sport: thanks to the mountains and the many ski facilities you can practise winter sports, while the lakes offer the opportunity to participate in aquatic activites. And of course, more “traditional” sports can be entertained at the many sports centres in the region.

Thanks to the great natural variety and the high presence of parks and natural reserves, Lecco is the ideal place for “Green tourism”, living nature and respecting the environment.


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The representative for the Lecco’s area is Anna Riva,contactable at the following telephone number :
+39 348 0274073