International mobility

Youth international mobility

Mistral promotes and manages projects of international mobility for Italian and European youngsters who want to serve a vocational internship, to go for a study trip, to search a job abroad, to do an au pair working experience or periods of voluntary work in a European country.

Mistral addresses to and cooperate with:

  • Companies, public authorities and systems of the third sector interested in hosting European trainees.
  • Italian and European schools and public authorities, that wants to promote and spread the opportunities of international mobility, also through the program Erasmus+, or any other European program.
  • Youngsters, teachers, educators, p;ublic and private managers interested in participating in international mobility projects
  • Non profit institutions which want to host European voluntaries;
  • Public and private authorities and institutions which promote tourism as a driving force for the sustainable development of the territory.

OUR PIC NUMBER: 94826356

OID NUMBER: E10017258



contact: Antonella Saleri