Vitual internships

We are increasingly working to improve the quality of our training proposals and to obtain the best from technology.

During this challenging period we have set up a virtual internship proposal for learners to allow them to keep benefit from their skills. Learning is always on!

Virtual mobility projects cannot completely replace the geographical mobility, but sharing ideas, needs and projects about remote internships can give our youngsters the possibility to boost their professional skills even during this uncertain time.
Your students could have the possibility to experience a remote activity that can be helpful as additional tool for their learning path.

Thanks to a remote internship experience students can develop thier skills comfortably from home or school staying in contact with our tutor and with a real teamwork.

Our area offers virtual placements positions in the most desirable Italian economic sectors with recognized reputation such as tourism, design, product design, fashion, industrial machinery, home and internal design, craftsmanship, web design, graphic design, entrepreurship and startups.

We are also developing professionalizing remote workshops, especially for those areas of vocational training for which a virtual internship would be difficult to implement. Cooks and waiters, gardeners, window dressers and shop asssistants, beauticians, bricklayers, carpenters, winemakers, educators of nursery schools: all these students could benefit from this type of activity. Moreover, remote workshops about art, effective communication and other topics are possible.

Our services can be tailored to your requests and needs. So do not hesitate to contact us for any idea you can think of to send your students to Brescia, at least virtually!