Information services

Informative and guidance services

Mistral provides information and guidance for scholastic and working choices and for the opportunities and to encourage a smart and considered use of free time.

In addition to providing information and guidance, we try to respond to the concrete needs of the users both through vocational proposals for the development of linguistic and professional competencies (services for European mobility through working internships, the European voluntary service, group exchanges etc.) and proposals for free time with social tourism projects that support the growth and awareness of the users and enhance the resources of the region.

The main areas of action are:

  • Management of informational services
  • Guidance interventions

Contact: Luigi Bandera


Communication with the young people and the users takes place:

  • Directly, through information desks, meetings in schools and in meeting centres for young people;
  • Indirectly, seeking a contact with the young people through the use of new technologies for communication (portals, sites for young people).

At the moment Mistral collaborates with

  • The Forum of the Associations for Social Tourism in Lombardy
  • CTS (Student and Youngsters Tourist Centre)
  • The European Atelier in CSV of Brescia
  • Higher education institutions, technical institutions, Professional Centres of the Region, giving information on work, education, free time and opportunities of go abroad
  • The Informagiovani network in Lombardy, giving information and counselling about European programmes of youth mobility in Europe