About us

Mistral is non-profit cooperative with extensive experience in the fields of youth mobility, youth policies, tourism, training and vocational guidance

Main goals:

  • promotion of the sustainable development of the region in collaboration with non-profit organizations/ associations, as well as business and production enterprises
  • promotion of the cultural and economic growth of young people and disadvantaged youth as well as their placement in the social contest

 Fields of activity:

  • advisory services on EU programs and management of European projects
  • planning and management of touristic and social services for the sustainable development and promotion of the local resources of the territory
  • professional training and vocational guidance


  • services in international mobility for minors and young people, such as exchanges, internships, voluntary and au pair services, including programmes promoted by the European Commission (Erasmus+, E.F.S. /TLN Mobility)
  • information, training and vocational guidance services
  • educational activities
  • management of accommodating facilities, such as holiday homes, youth hostels, centres of environmental education
  • technical advice, planning and creation of information comunication technologies and management of related services
  • Social marketing services, including the use of information and multimedia technologies
  • projects for the meeting of young people (recreational centres, holiday homes, game rooms, etc.)
  • promotion and creation of leisure and recreational projects promoting youth aggregation as well as social and sustainable tourism (cultural events, performances, exhibitions, seminars, meetings etc.)  
  • organization of responsible and accessible tourism tours and trips

OUR PIC NUMBER: 948263562

OID NUMBER: E10017258