Jul 18


The “Get Here, Get Heard” youth exchange will include 5 young people between the ages of 18 and 23 and a team leader residing in the province of Brescia. In particular, 3 participants, resident in the Camonica Valley, were selected through an agreement between the Comunità Montana di Valle Camonica and the European Atelier which involves the sending of 20 young people residing in the Camunia valley.

Young people will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops, workshops, discussions and reflections to share experiences and opinions about what they have seen and done.
During the project, young people will prepare a photographic exhibition and a radio broadcast to document the activities of the week of exchange.
All participants and team leaders will stay at Bildungshaus Ottersleben of Bildungsnetzwerk Magdeburg GmbH where the main trading activities will take place.
From 18 to 20 June last year, a preparatory visit was held among all project partners to discuss the objectives, methods and contents of the exchange. Exchange details:
– 4 Participating Countries: Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain
– 5 participants + a lader team for each country
– Workshop: monuments of peace, photography and radio, graffiti, parkour
– Other activities: city tour, movie night, street art competition
– Day trip to Magdeburg and Postdam
– Final presentation of the seminar’s final work
At the end of the exchange, the youthpass will be delivered to the participants.

For information, please contact: Mistral-società cooperative sociale- onlus

venue: Via Nicolò Tommaseo 2/A 25128 BS-Italy Tel: +390305231164 email: info@mistralcoop. eu