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(Project n. 2017-2-IT03-KA105-011234)


The training was hosted in Brescia, Italy and it was promoted and managed by Mistral. It took place  from 19/03/2018 until 23/03/2018 in cooperation with the following programme Countries: BULGARIA, SPAIN, ROMANIA, GREECE, ESTONIA, CYPRUS, LITHUANIA, POLAND, PORTUGAL, CZECH REPUBLIC, DENMARK SLOVENIA.

HI TECH DEMOCRATS was addressed to youth workes, operators and managers of organizations and associations involved in the youth world from 13 different European Countries. This project was funded by the ANG, (the National Erasmus + Youth Agency) of the European Community and promoted and managed by Mistral Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, which has along-term  experience in running projects in the field of youth mobility. The project was the realization of a course to broaden and deepen the knowledge of democracy, providing youth workers with the skills and competencies necessary to face the democratic disconnection using innovative techniques and looking for those digital means that motivate young people to participate actively online. Communication techniques combined with social media have been developed that inspire young people to be active citizens and to share effective online tools, trying to involve people in democratic processes as much as possible. During two intercultural evenings the participants deepened their knowledge of their respective countries, of the different traditions, proposed some national dishes, dances and songs. In their free time, the participants visited some places in Brescia, such as the historic center of Brescia, Lake Garda, Sirmione and the Moraine Hills of the lower Garda area and they also tasted wine and local products.

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