Jul 30

Erasmus+: 47 young people have already taken part to EUROPEAN LANDSCAPES-Trainings for tourism and cultural identity project

Destinations: United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Lithuania and Ireland

European Landscapes project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, offers the possibility to carry out internships abroad to young people residing in Lombardy who are neograduates, newly qualified or students attending the last year of a technical or vocational school.

Between November 2018 and June 2019, 22 students took part in the project:

– SPAIN: Five participants 
– GERMANY: Six participants
– REP. OF IRELAND: Two participants
– CZECH REPUBLIC: Five participants
– SSPAIN: Eleven participants

Between August and September 31 young people will start for one-month work experience :

– SPAIN: One participant
– GERMANY: Three participants
– UK: Eight participants
– POLAND: Five participants
– LITHUANIA: Six participants
– FRANCE: Eight participants 

During their mobility period, students attend work-based learning activities in the area of territorial development with particular reference to environmental, landscape and historical-artistic assets for the development of skills for the promotion of the territory, heritage and local culture with a view to environmental sustainability also through the use of communication and tourist marketing techniques.
The internships will be carried out in the areas of the promotion of the territory and its sustainable development, of the tourist offer, of the receptivity and services to tourists.

The training courses of the participants, monitored and evaluated constantly, will be validated using the ECVET procedure for the validation of skills and through the release of the Europass-Mobility and of the certificates issued by Mistral and the hosting agencies.

This experience allows young participants to acquire specific and also transversal skills that will allow them to be ready for thei future work. Thanks our project, students can put their skils into practice by leaving the comfort zone and taking a more open view of the world.

The participants who tool part to the project in July 2019 had the opportunity to carry out preparatory activities about heir fears and expectations concerning the participation to the project. During this activities the students carried sout  workshops to reflected and relate on the following keywords: “Dream”, “open-mindness”, “discovery”, “change”, “experience”, “observation”, “opportunity”, “growth”. Also thanks to the participation of Pietro Arrigoni, Theatrical director who collaborate with Mistral, the students were asked about the value of the trip and the experience. They also had been invited to provide evidence of their Erasmus+ mobility through the use of photographs and writing inspired by the traveller Bruce Chatwin. These collections will then be used for the final meeting.