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Welcome a student in the family

Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, funded by the European Union, Mistral Onlus has for years been looking for host families for foreign students from France, Spain, Germany and English-speaking countries such as Ireland and the United Kingdom (now no longer part of the European Union )

The male and female students are aged between 16 and 21 years old. Some projects also provide for the reception of older students, i.e. up to 29 years of age.

The projects are part of the context of intercultural comparison but also of the promotion of our territory abroad, since it has the objective of welcoming students and teachers to establish links and make our province known, in an attempt to develop a future reception of French tourists .

The primary objective of mobility projects, for students, is the field experimentation, in a new context, of what they have learned in their educational path, thanks to the activation of curricular training internships in their field of study.

The period of stay in Italy for students has not only an educational objective, but also personal and intercultural growth, through the integration and comparison with our local and national reality.

In fact, it is foreseen that students, in addition to carrying out their internship, get to know our territory through tourist visits, by participating in events already organized or designed specifically for them.

Students stay with host families, in order to complete the internship experience with a complete immersion in the culture of our country.

This solution will also allow families to open up to new cultures and interpersonal and intercultural exchanges which can also continue over time, after the reception experience.

Male and female students can be welcomed individually or in pairs, based on the availability of families and can stay in single rooms or shared with other members of the family unit. Families will have to provide breakfast, lunch (packed lunch) and dinner against a reimbursement of expenses for board and lodging. For the entire stay, the families will be supported by the reception institution (Mistral) and by the tutors present on site.

If they wish, the families will be able to provide their own regulation which will be shared and approved in advance by the reception institution and by the boy/girls welcomed.

The students’ free time can be managed in the family, according to the availability of each one, even if moments of entertainment are foreseen, already programmed by Mistral.

We are looking for Host Families for French students
for these periods

14/01/2023-12/02/2023 (4 weeks)
3 male/female students

13/03/2023-02/04/2023 (3 weeks)
31 male and female students

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