On Mistral we offer adequate accommodation for the participants

  • In student residences with common kitchen
  • On flats
  • With a hosting family

Student residence


We have accommodation in student residences with common kitchens and study rooms, so we can offer the best comfort to all the students



Mistral is in charge of selecting the accommodation, evaluating the level of satisfaction of the participants and mediate the relationship between participants and accommodation owners, supporting them in solving technical or relational problems.
In general, the accommodations we offer have the same characteristics:

  • Distance to the city center will be less than 45 minutes by public transport;
  • Shared rooms with single beds and pillows (except bedding);
  • Availability of material to clean the floor (broom, mop, dustpan);
  • Use of the bathroom (toilet, sink, shower or bathtub);
  • Use of the kitchen with utensils for cooking and washing dishes and use of the refrigerator;
  • Use of washing machine.

Host family


Mistral has a vast network of host families distributed throughout the city of Brescia and the hinterland.

The male and female students, based on the availability of the families, will be able to stay in single rooms or shared with other members of the family unit. Against a reimbursement of expenses for board and lodging, the families will have to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the entire stay, families will be supported by the host institution.
If they wish, the families will be able to provide their own regulation which will be shared and approved in advance by the host institution and by the boy/girl welcomed.
The students free time can be managed in the family, based on everyone’s availability, even if there are moments of entertainment, already programmed by Mistral.