TRAIN – Trainings in Europe for a sustainable development

TRAIN is a project aimed at students attending the 3rd 4th and 5th grades of I.I.S.”VINCENZO CAPIROLA” – I.I.S.S.”PRIMO LEVI” – I.I.S. “L. EINAUDI” – II.S. “VINCENZO DANDOLO” – EUROSCUOLA-EUROSTUDI SRL with addresses International Relations and Marketing, Tourism, Construction Environment and Territory and Agriculture Agro-food and Agro-industry.
The project includes 180 internships abroad of 2 or 4 weeks in the sector of heritage enhancement with attention to the development of eco-sustainable activities in the area.
The objectives of the project are:

  • support students in acquiring competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in order to contribute to their professional development for greater employability on the labor market.
  • promote the personal growth of the participants, intercultural and linguistic learning and the sense of belonging to Europe.
  • encourage students to have the opportunity to establish international contacts, for active participation in society and the development of awareness of European citizenship.

TRAIN aims to contribute to the development of skills in the field of valorisation of the territory and local heritage with a view to environmental sustainability, high standard of services, through the use of innovative communication techniques and tourism marketing.
In addition to the expected positive results for the participants, the project will contribute to strengthening the network between the companies in the sector and the schools involved, thanks to the synergistic work put in place during the activities.
Furthermore, through this experience the partner schools will have the opportunity to qualify the level of their training offer and to strengthen their skills in the field of European planning.

The project will contribute to the increase of mobility related to vocational training abroad and to strengthen national and transnational networks through the dissemination of good practices.
For the management of the project, monitoring and evaluation tools already tested in previous projects will be used.
The local and international partnership is made up of 27 partners: 5 schools, local and representative bodies, national bodies in the social tourism sector, associations, cooperatives and tourism and production and work consortia.
Interns will be sent to 13 partner organizations from 8 countries: Ireland, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Lithuania and Portugal. The project has a duration of 1 year (September 2015 – September 2016).

The TRAIN project is funded by the European Union, under the 2015 ERASMUS + K1 VET program

TRAIN si è concluso con
il convegno finale del 26 ottobre 2016
con 187 invi di studenti all’estero,
ovvero con 7 mobilità in più.