Virtual intership allow your students to work with Italian companies to support a myriad of projects ranging from basic social media support to full business projetcs, graphic design, website design, software development, product design, market analysis, market reports, market mapping, financial assessment and analysis, design of new apps, and much more.

When completing a virtual internship, many of the same aspect of a traditional mobility abroad still exist, including meetings with supervisor and teammates, completing a mix of individual and group projects, and learning about the overall company culture and industry it works in.

Thanks to our network we can find hosting companies providing meaningful tasks to help your students building professional skills.

Companies recognise the importance of digital skills in the modern workplace and share our passion for making internships more accessible.


Working with us will allow you to complete a virtual intership in an Italian company gaining a dynamic work experience as well as:

  • a virtual remote internship placement adequate to your learning path
  • invitation to become member of our community through weekly group discussions, webinars and individual support, cross-cultural activities
  • development of your professional skills thanks to an assigned internship coach services
  • employability and international focused guides in order to get most out of your experience


Traveling, especially for a long term mobility, can present a huge financial barrier for many students. A virtual transnational internship allows your students to gain the professional and & global skills from an international work environment, without the need for travel

Cross-Cultural Competences
Unlike a traditional online internship, our Virtual Internships allow your students to get in real contact with local teammates as well as to take part to our cross-cultural activities and games being part of our community

Time Management and Discipline
Remote working requires high levels of time management and self-discipline. Completing a summer internship online will allow you to hone these skills for future work experience, and apply the experience to your resume and discuss during your next interview

Transnational connections

The importance of networking and building global connections is stressed in nearly every field. In fact, networking is vital to beginning any global career

Remote Work Skills
Recent massive move to remote working will continue for the foreseeable future. Governvements are acting to encourage smart working and many companies are establishing permanent remote work policies, meaning there is an increasing demand for professionals with previous remote work experience & skills in software/platforms, communication, problem solving

Certification of attendance
Certificates issued by the hosting company and by the coordinator bear proof of your students’ work.


Our internship program for high-school students 14-18 years old provides the opportunity for career exploration and professional development remotely. Students will work directly with globally-minded companies to complete projects designed to support the company as well as foster the professional skills and career management of the student.

A part-time project-based internship working in teams of 4 students at an assigned company within the student’s chosen Career Group

  • Weekly group meeting with the assigned Internship Facilitator
  • Access to our on online classroom for professional development of the curriculum (additional proposal)
  • End of program portfolio highlighting the full program projects completed by the student
  • Supervisor evalutaion. Program evalutation and certificate od completion


PROJECT 1: Business Reporting

Students will work together to investigate their company and the industry it works in to deliver a:
SWOT Analysis
Weekly presentation / report

PROJECT 2: Product Review

Students will work together to deliver a plan on a new initiative or product the company should offer preparing
Value proposition
Slide deck
Weekly presentation / report

PROJECT 3: Company presentation and review
PROJECT 4: Marketing and Brand Management

Students will work together to deliver a digital and social marketing plan for the product preparing:
Brend and communication guidelines
Social Media 1 month Calendar
Weekly presentation / report

For other technical placements, companies will give the students a specific project and tasks following above mentioned scheme.

Students can work directly with a company to support their business, marketing and professional projects. Our companies are specifically chosen to allow students to gain a broad understanding of various professional paths within their chosen career to support post-secondary pathways to success.

We give students access to working directly with an assigned host company, learning more about the business processes within their industry and completing dynamic weekly projects within a team.

All project teams will work over the weeks of the program to complete set assigned projects that align with the weekly goals. Projects are introduced at the beginning of the week by their assigned host company, and given the opportunity for direct feedback from their supervisor. At the end of the program students will be able to articulate the business projects they completed throughout their internship and apply the experience to their resume, future job applications, and their university application.


All students work on project teams of up to 4 students with the support of our facilitator that will work with the student independently and cohesively to support goals understanding, professional skills gain, and future career management.

CLASSROOM (additional learning proposal)

Each week students will access an online classroom that will introduce them to the concepts and fundamentals of their projects and allow them to understand how their projects impact the greater business mission of their host company. The classroom is dynamically designed to provide the foundations of career exploration and professional development while meeting the needs of the student. 


Computer Science and IT, Graphic Design, Web design
Business, Entrepreneurship, Startups,
Green technology, sustainability and environment
Tourism, Art, Culture and Heritage
Marketing and Communication
Engineering, Product design,
International Deveolpment (for NGO and Charities included)
Fashion Design
Urban planning, Architecture, Internal Design