Why Brescia

Brescia is a truly an employment capital,  placed at the top of the Italian economic league and with one of the lowest percentages of unemployment.

Brescia is also much more than this: it’s a city of art and entertainment, good food and good wine, popular with tourists for its lakes and mountains.

Through the streets of the inner city history blends with modernity, culture with entertainment and tradition with new trends; the roman temple and the Santa Giulia museum with its works of art on one side and Carmine quarter, the centre of the nightlife, on the other.

Brescia offers opportunities to satisfy every kind of requirement: from the theatres, with huge show schedules, to the many discos; from the multiplex to the many restaurants.

The two lakes, Iseo and Garda, are reachable in about 40 minutes and they offer the possibility of long walks and relaxation; in the centre of Iseo Lake there’s the biggest lacustrine island in Europe: Monte Isola, where walking enthusiast head for the Santuario della Madonna della Ceriola, a shrine on the top of the isle built in 1500.

Due to this variety of industries and activities, we are able to offer a wide range of internships in different fields: traditional industries, engineering, new technologies, commerce and services, the financial sector, tourism, wine, food and spa industries, as well as in the social sector .


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