Trainings for tourism and cultural identity

training placements in a European country for new graduates, newly qualified and students of the last school year of the Technical and Vocational Schools residing in the Lombardy Region

Mobilities financed by Erasmus + KA1 VET program

PROJECTS: The projects “EUROPEAN LANDSCAPES: Trainings for tourism and cultural identity” and “EUROPEAN LANDSCAPES 2: Training for tourism and cultural identity” are part of the medium-long term strategy pursued by Mistral and indicated in the Mobility VET Charter, which Mistral has owned since 2017. The projects are in line with the Regional Territorial Plan consisting in strengthening the competitiveness of the territory, protecting and enhancing its resources.

ACTIVITIES: work-based learning activities in the field of the development of the territory with particular reference to environmental, landscape and historical-artistic assets for the development of skills for the promotion of the territory, heritage and local culture with a view to environmental sustainability also through the use of communication and tourist marketing techniques. Internships to be carried out in the areas of the promotion of the territory and its sustainable development, of the tourist offer, accommodation and services to tourists.

PARTICIPANTS: recent graduates, newly qualified within a calendar year of mobility or students attending the last year of vocational or higher technical schools.

DURATION OF THE INTERSHIPS: 4 weeks and 3 months
2018/2019: 70 participants for 4 weeks and 10 participants for 3 months
2019/2020: 90 participants for 4 weeks and 10 participants for 3 months

2018/2019: United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Lithuania and Ireland
2019/2020: United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Cyprus, France, Spain, Lithuania and Ireland

AIMS OF THE PROJECT: for the participants, the projects have as objective to encourage the acquisition of general knowledge and specific professional skills in the promotion and enhancement of local heritage sector; communication and marketing skills, language, intercultural and transversal skills, entrepreneurial skills, awareness of belonging to European citizenship.
We also expect their personal growth, the acquisition of more skills and knowledge both from a professional and value point of view, a greater qualification and spendability on the labor market.

CERTIFICATION: the training placements are validated through the use of the ECVET procedure and the issuance of Europass-Mobility, of the certificates of attendance issued by Mistral and by the hosting organisazions. The skills acquired during the internship will also be certified by the Agenzia Formativa Don Angelo Tedoldi.

2018/2019: from 30/10/2018 to 29/10/2019
2019/2020: from 29/11/2019 to 28/11/2020

PROJECT NO. 2018-1-IT01-KA116-006441
ended on 28th October 2019
82 mobilities (2 more than planned)

Training for tourism and cultural identity
PROJECT no. 2019-1-IT01-KA116-007114
29/11/2019 – 28/11/2020