DROP IN is a Strategic Partnership project, financed by Erasmus+ programme, developed within three organizations from different countries: Mistral- Italy, RCR – Slovenia and Citizen in Power – Cyprus.
The main objective of the project is to improve the level of key competences and skills for young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, needed for the competitive entrance to the labour market and contributing to a cohesive society.
Our target group are vulnerable young people, especially NEET, with their specifics that require special approaches and youth workers who are dealing with those youngsters. We wish to empower both target groups with skills needed for the best possible outcome of the projects. Specific number of cooperating participants are mentors from each partner countries.
The methods the partnership uses differ from case to case depending from the respective activity and include discussions, research, analysis, developing, reporting, summary. Our aim is to create web site, containing relevant information about the project and especially promoting our main objectives, career e-guidance for mentors and trainers, containing new and improved, enriched approaches, contents or methods working with the target group in the field of career guidance.  Special attention will be paid to developing a new model of approach towards labour market and potential employers, video presentation, pitch-video CV. It is one of the modern approach within career guidance and it is well accepted among employers in Europe.
Our project impacts both trainers and mentors working with young dropouts as NEETs population of our partner countries and possibly wider. Our wish is to improve educational and training programs for NEET, so that they will benefit more from it in particular, in the field of career guidance, since employability is related to an active citizenship and quality of life.

Photo taken during the meeting in Brescia with some students, the authorities and the delegates of the three organizations

In the field of the project three meetings have been organized within the parterns:

  • The first meeting took place in October 2015 in Zagorje, Slovenia, and it was coordinated by RCR; the purpose of first transnational event in Slovenia was identification and exchange of good practice, know hows, promoting of work, presentation of Slovenian NEET projects within our organization. After the presentations there’ been a debate about the different situations of the three countries and the delegates have shared their experiences and practices working with dropouts.
  • The second meeting took place in February 2016 in Brescia, it was organized and coordinated by Mistral. During these five days the delegations could get in touch the situation of Brescia, meeting the delegates of the third sector authorities, public authorities and high schools that offer services and solutions against dropout.
  • The third meeting took place in May 2016 in Cyprus and it has been coordinated by Citizens in Power; it opened with the presentation of the result achieved by the partners within the project, then the partners have met the delegates of the public authorities and of the organizations working in the field of youth work; the main question handled during this meeting was the making of the video Pitch

The project started on the 1st of June 2015 and it will end on the 30th of May 2017.

Next meeting will be in march 2017 in Slovenia and it will be the last before the end of the project.


To have more information here’s the article about the project published on the Giornale di Brescia and the official web site.

Photo taken during a meeting in a youth centre in Slovenia

Two presentations about the project: