The duties of the au pair mostly involve looking after the children, who may be of school age, but also younger, helping with light housework, providing support with gardening.Besides room and board, the hosting family must also provide the au pair with the necessary time to participate in religious services and to follow language courses.

The types of job contract for an au par in Europe are:

  • au demi pair: three or four working hours per day and two or three nights babysitting per week;
  • au demi pair plus: four working hours per day and two nights babysitting;
  • au pair traditional form: five working hours per day and two or three night babysitting per week;
  • au pair plus: 40 working hours per week and two or three night babysitting;
  • mother’s help: 50 working hours per day and two or three nights babysitting

Free time is usually an entire day per week, two or three afternoons and three or four nights.
The au pair receives -beside room and board- pocket money, that can change in every country (usually 60,00€ per week for the standard au pair, 75,00€ per week for the au pair plus and 120,00€ per week for the mother’s help).
The au pair doesn’t receive any insurance contribution for the whole stay, irrespective of contract type.

Period of stay

The duration of the placement is usually from a minimum of 4 months to a maximum of one year. The families often request the au pair a period of stay corresponding to the academic year. Shorter stays (2,3 or 4 months) are requested only in the summer or from August/September to Christmas.

Costs of the service

The basic service costs 250,00€ to be paid in two installments (an advance payment of 100,00€ to be paid when you apply for the service and a final payment of 150,00€ before departure). The advance payment won’t be refunded in case of withdrawal by the candidate.

The basic service includes:
*check of the documents;
*selection interview;
*research of the hosting family;
*monitoring and assistance before and during the stay.

Other additional services are available and the costs are at the expense of the participant:
*organization of the journey
*language course before the departure;
*organization of a language course during the stay.