TRAIN – Trainings in Europe for a sustainable development

TRAIN is a project for 16-20 years old students from the partner schools I.I.S.”VINCENZO CAPIROLA” – I.I.S.S.”PRIMO LEVI” – I.I.S. “L. EINAUDI” – II.S. “VINCENZO DANDOLO” – EUROSCUOLA-EUROSTUDI SRL with the courses International Relations and Marketing, Tourism, Environment and Territory Buildings, Agricultural Agrarian and Agribusiness.
The project foresees 180 internships abroad of 2 or 4 weeks in the field of promotion of the heritage with special attention to the development in the territory of eco-sustainable activities.
The aims of the project are:

  • Support the students in their acquisition of knowledge (skills, attitudes) in order to contribute in their professional development for a best employability on the labour market
  • Favour the personal growth of the participants, their intercultural and linguistic learning and the sense of membership in Europe
  • Favour the opportunity to start international contacts, for the actie participation in the society and the development of the awareness of European citizenship

TRAIN aspires to contribute in the development of competences in the promotion of the territory and the local heritage looking at environmental sustainability, high standard services, through the use of innovative communication and touristic marketing techniques.
Beside the positive results expected for the participants, the project will contribute to the strengthening of the network between companies and schools, thanks to the synergistic work held during the activities.
Moreover, through this experience the partner schools will have the opportunity to qualify the level of the courses offered and to strengthen their competences in the field of European project management.

Sustainability Environmental Conservation Ecology Concept

Sustainability Environmental Conservation Ecology Concept
The project will contribute to the increase of the mobility connected to professional education abroad and to strengthen the national and transnational networks through the diffusion of good behaviours.
For the management of the project we will use monitoring and judgement instruments already tested in the previous projects.
Local and international partnership is made of 27 partners: 5 schools, territorial and representation authorities, National Authorities in the field of social tourism, associations, cooperatives and touristic, production and labour consortia.
The internees will be sent to 13 partner organizations in 8 countries: Ireland, Poland, Spain, UK, France, Germany, Portugal and Lithuania. The project lasts one year (September 2015-September 2016).
TRAIN project is financed by European Union, in the field of the programme ERASMUS + K1 VET of 2015.

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